After a two-year yoga meetup in midtown Manhattan, yoga, run, skate and surf weekend warriors Takashi Yamada and Jason Levine set out to start a “cool yoga brand”.

Minor Planet New York’s mission centers around mindfulness: how to feel more alive, connected, and become a more patient human being. Beyond that, they aim to unite mindful and spiritual practice (yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and cold plunges), with sport (think running, skateboarding, surfing). To them, these practices form a uniquely complementary system that improves your life all-round, building a stronger mind, body, and connection with the self through the world around you.

Minor Planet’s philosophy is best explained by their tagline: “Unprofessional Technology“. It reminds us to always try and approach things with a “beginner’s mindset”, and, no matter your level, celebrate the most minor steps amid the grand designs of life.

Minor Planet is in partnership with the iconic Takihyo CO., LTD. Founded in Japan in 1751, Takihyo’s origins are rooted in the kimono fabrics business. Now, they lead the way in sustainable fabrics.

Minor Planet makes clothing, yoga mats and other products that facilitate these spiritual sports and way of living.

They will be meeting up locally in NYC and traveling abroad to build a community of unprofessional technologists to do yoga, run, meditate, drink fresh plant-based juices, surf and skate together.